Specialist In Medical Billing & Collection

Catering to physician practices specific needs as it relate to the entire revenue cycle.


At Afiablee Solution, we believe that patient care should be the primary focus for our providers. The financial prosperity of any office depends on how strong their back office processes are. Afiablee Solution, is India based Company located in City of Gujrat and committed to provide seamless service with satisfaction at every level of billing process.

Afiablee Solution takes pride in providing the billing service which allow for maximum reimbursement for the patient care provided. No money is left uncollected.

At Afiablee Solution, we also believe that, every clean claim submitted results in faster cash flow. Ensure every claim submitted has active insurance policy. Checking for accurate ICD/CPT/Modifier combination is critical before submitting the claim. Every unpaid claim should be followed on/before 30th day after submission. There should be no more than 5% of your overall A/R beyond 90 days. The clearing house rejection log as well as denials should be checked and addressed DAILY.

A dedicated team of strong working ethics and members having experience of more than 5 years is beyond compare.